Eliminate the hassle from retinal exams

The Optomed Polaris is a fully automatic, non-mydriatic fundus camera. Discover the all-in-one desktop camera designed with your busy clinic in mind

Optomed Polaris

The Optomed Polaris can take high quality 45° retina or corneal images with one simple click. With 10 internal fixation targets and montage functionality, get the pictures you need and get on your way. The camera’s 12MP image sensor provides crisp images that can be clearly visualized from the integrated 10.1″ display. The Polaris can then send images to your EMR, PACS, or reading center of choice.

Spend less time training and get the pictures you need - the first time.  
3D Tracking
No need to keep retaking photos. The Polaris tracks eye movement and automatically focuses.
Easy, intuitive navigation.
Capture multiple images you can use for expanded  analysis.

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